Welcome to my website, where I keep the art and writing I do sometimes.

I'm a regular student and teacher, and a sometime linguist, mathematician, and programmer. I've write games sometimes, although I'm better at starting projects than at finishing them.

I go in for Torah, geometry, historical arithmetic, jewish babylonian aramaic, invented languages, pen-and-paper games, and martial and visual arts (taiji and drawing, mostly).

The layout of the site more or less follows those interests.

  1. There is a games page for complete and incomplete games I've written. Most recently, that was SPACEWARRIORS: Degenerates of the Galactic Rim.
  2. There is a language page for constructed languages I've worked on or writing about languages or.
  3. There is an art page for drawings and comics that I've done. Every year, I participate in GOBLIN WEEK so there are a lot of goblins there.

That is more or less all I've got going on here. Enjoy.